Why Alaska?

Why Alaska?

This question is understandably oft asked of me and my family.

It is a good question considering that our home in Alaska is over 4,000 miles from where we currently live in PA; and, considering as well the fact that nearly all of our family resides and will remain in PA. What could possibly make us pull up all our roots and head way up North? I am going to attempt to answer this question in the next several blog posts. I will answer with multiple short posts because you and I are both probably very busy and have time for only a few paragraphs at a time. (Perhaps more on that topic later)

I have always been a bit of a visionary. Well, maybe more accurately – a wild-eyed visionary.  I don’t think I am a contrarian but I do tend to do things differently than the masses. Quite frankly, the masses scare me. It seems to me that when an idea is accepted en masse then it is probably a compromise of truth and it is time for me to head the other way. I am that way in many areas of life – not much for the status quo. The same applies to climates – when the masses head south; I love the North. I remember as a youth staring at the map and wondering if missionaries ever go north to the remote Siberian, Greenland, or Canadian villages. It seemed to me that  Africa, Central America, and South America – the warm climates- got a lot of attention while I rarely heard or read of anyone ministering in the Far North.

 Reason #1 – Someone should go. We are willing. Why not us?

Furthermore, it seems that it is easy to plant Anabaptist churches in areas of fertile soil and favorable growing climates. Not that I am against the agrarian lifestyle, in fact, I am quite in favor of it; but the Kingdom of God should be first about fertile hearts rather than fertile soil.

I acknowledge that the vast majority of the world’s population and the poorest live near the equator and that those regions should have a high priority for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. But, at the same time, where we minister should not be about numbers and our logic; rather it should be all about obeying the will of God. How do we know the will of God? I will save that answer for the next blog.


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