Why Alaska? #2

Did God call you to Alaska?

How do we know the will of God?

The answer in short is that we can know the will of God by reading His Word. Christ’s commands are to be obeyed. They are the will of God for our lives. When God says in His Word – “Go ye into all the world…”; we go. When God says, “Give..”; we give. Etc….

But what about the specifics? How do you know God is particularly calling you to Alaska?

There are several reasons why I believe that our move is God’s will for us as a family. No one reason alone is a good indication of God’s will but when compiled together with lots of prayer-our faith is strengthened.

  • As I mentioned in the previous post, I have often felt compelled to the North and often dreamed of moving into such a region. Does God work through these desires? Yes, I believe He does but it would be foolish to rely only on this as a sign of God’s purpose for you. Selfishness is deceitful.
  • Christ commands that we “go into all the world…” Alaska is certainly included in this and there does not seem to be an abundance of conservative churches present in the state.
  • Circumstances, or “doors” as we often call them, have aligned in amazing ways. Our property sold within a week of when we wanted to leave. Our concerns for occupation and housing were erased. The cost of the move was covered by generous friends. Circumstances by themselves are not always direct answers of God’s will but they certainly help determine direction.
  • My vision for my family involves a simpler lifestyle than is easily lived in more affluent areas. While most might want to avoid the difficulties that a simplistic lifestyle may present; I believe that these difficulties provide opportunity to build character in children. More on this later perhaps….

In summary, we do not have a specific calling in regards to an exact ministry or location but we are called to live out the Kingdom principles no matter where we are and what we are doing.

Circumstances and the inner witness both agree to us moving to Alaska; so we go.







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