Start & Restart

All of our plans, preparations, and packing for our move finally ended on Saturday, April 29 when we pushed, or rather, smashed our mattresses into the back of the trailer and we loaded our suitcases into the van. After a prayer we took off, or more accurately we set forth about like a snail with an oversized shell would begin a journey from one side of a forest to another. The prayers continued on down the road (and they continued in varying fervency for the duration of the trip).

As we were packing, I knew our trailer was getting heavy when we kept finding things that would be great in Alaska and we started having to stuff every nook and cranny so these things might fit. I had prided myself somewhat with the amount of “stuff” of which we sold or disposed but I realized quickly that we still had too much. So we stuffed the stuff in as best we could and embarked with trailer tires bulging and the rear of the van sagging.

We had gone nearly 10 miles when we realized that something was wrong with our setup. After going over a few bumps (very, very minor bumps in comparison to what lay ahead) the trailer went into a wild swaying and swinging. This was not good! I got the rig under control and we proceeded more cautiously to a gas station for our first of very many fill-ups. I cranked the friction sway control down very tight and thought that that should fix the swaying problem. Nope! The van and trailer still had a propensity to tango. We pulled into another gas station and made arrangements to dump more of our stuff at Jo’s sister’s place. We crawled our way back to their place and proceeded to unload our carefully packed trailer into their hoop barn. I rearranged some heavy pieces of stuff and left a more of it behind in their hoop barn.  My brother-in-law and I also worked on our weight distribution hitch and got the rig into a somewhat better condition for travel.

So we embarked again.


The van with the happy Weavers and the trailer with all we owned.

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