Why Did God Create Mosquitoes?

The next question is – why didn’t Noah slap them?

My children and I were busy one day trying to reclaim the soil from various Alaskan plants and trees to plant potatoes. All the while we were working we were also slapping frantically at Alaska’s state bird – the mosquito. They were especially bad that day and kept trying to fly into an open mouth or up nose holes. We loaded up with bug spray but one word of advice – if the bug spray bottle boasts of how safe the spray is; it is probably useless. Up here you need the stuff that gives you cancer in California or you just need to put up with mosquitoes.

After slapping a few dozen one of my children asked, “Dad, where do mosquitoes come from?”

Before I could reply he asked a follow-up question, “Did God create them too?”

I could see he was thinking this over and was probably just about at the decision that only Satan would create something so nasty. I affirmed to him though that God did indeed create the mosquito.


The default question. A good question.

It got me thinking. Why did God create the mosquito?

Well, for starters, I explained that although a pest to us as humans mosquitoes play a very important part in many animal’s lives. We as a family have been enjoying the birds around our place very much and I explained that some of them depend upon mosquitoes for food for themselves and their little chicks. Not only that, the fish in the nearby lakes that we so long to someday catch, feast on mosquito larvae.

But couldn’t God have made things differently?

Pictured below is one of the many birds that will readily eat food from our hands. This one is sitting on Makayla’s hand.


I am sure God could have created anything different if He so willed but just the fact that He didn’t is proof enough for me that mosquitoes are for our good.

Mosquitoes are like many other things in life that we face; such as difficulties, annoyances, sickness, and other unpleasant or grievous circumstances. While not necessarily enjoyable these things can build character and cause us to seek more earnestly the One who is at work in our lives.

I will certainly keep slapping every mosquito that has the audacity to sit on me and I will not go out of my way to experience hardship but when these less than pleasant things arrive I try to see them as opportunities to grow.


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