Family Time

One of my desires with the move to Alaska was to change our lifestyle in a way that would allow for more family time together. Writing blogs is not getting on the top priority list especially during summer. Summer here is very full of activity; planting and maintaining a garden, making enough money to last a winter, fishing, cutting firewood, and working at many other projects that need to be completed before the snow flies. I am hoping to be able to write more meaningful blogs over the winter but in the meantime here are a few pictures to show what we love to do as a family. Alaska has been great for enjoyable family times. We are loving it!

Hunting Morels


Searching for agates on the Cook Inlet beach


Found one!


Watching airplanes while hunting agates


Volcano Mt. Redoubt in the background




Excuse the bleary-eyed look-it was 5:00 am and we just fished all night.


We saw the sunset and the sunrise while fishing.

IMG_4371 (2)-1

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