Selfishness Ends in Death

I am not saying how he died but only that he is dead. It was his greed and selfishness that led eventually to his demise. He could have been satisfied with the things God created for him but his covetous heart was emboldened every day as his thievery went unpunished.  The victim of his greed and selfishness tried many times in vain to capture him but he escaped every time. His selfish behavior did not go unnoticed and soon his siblings, close and distant relatives, and probably his own offspring began showing signs of greed and selfishness. They all became bold thieves and the poor victim watched haplessly as these scoundrels devoured her food right before her eyes. At times she would leap at them and other times she would lay low and stalk close hoping that their bold and selfish heart would keep them a second too long. But these thieves were very good thieves. They were not satisfied with just stealing for their daily meal but they horded up the excess that they couldn’t eat!

One day he did meet destruction. Many of his relatives bodies have also been seen scattered near the source of their stolen meals. Selfishness affects many more than one’s self.

If curiosity kills the cat, then selfishness kills the bird.

The thief


The Victim – actually the true victim was me because I paid for the dog food.


The Gray Jay – a.k.a. Camp Robber. These birds are extremely bold and will even steal food off your dinner plate if you are not vigilant. They will empty a dog dish very quickly. Below one is sizing up the dog food in the dish.


The Gray Jay is one of the few birds that will store up food for the winter. We actually enjoy the birds but they do become a nuisance when they start devouring too much dog food. We have had them steal meat from our dinner plates while eating outside, steal pieces of fish while butchering, and one even stole a fishing lure from my tackle box while I was standing next to it.
Proverbs 1:19 So [are] the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; [which] taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

Proverbs 15:27 He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live.

These, of course, are just birds that are only doing what they are created to do. They cannot be selfish; but, I can. My selfishness also affects others and if it is not crucified will also lead to my destruction and possibly my children.

“Let this be thy whole Endeavour, this thy prayer, this thy desire, that thou mayest be stripped of all selfishness, and with entire simplicity follow Jesus only.”- Thomas a Kempis

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