It’s Dark

Winter is here and with it came snow, cold, and darkness. It is beautiful! We have had one good northern light show and many clear cold nights when the moon and stars were brilliant. During the daylight the winter landscape is breathtaking!

Below are a few photos of a small nearby lake that Makayla and I hiked to on a Sunday afternoon. It is  refreshing to hike in negative temps!

Obviously the scenery is beautiful; but Alaska does have a dark side. It is a darkness not because of the absence of the sun but because of a rejection of the Son.

  • Alaska has the highest suicide rate per capita in the U.S. (
  • Alcohol abuse is 3 times higher in Alaska than the national average. (Anchorage Daily News)
  • One out of three Native Alaskan women have reported that they have been raped in their lifetime. (
  • Alaska has the highest violent crime rate in the country. (USA Today)
  • Alaska’s drug abuse rate is among the highest in the country. (
  • Alaska ranks near the top for number of STDs per capita. (Anchorage Daily News)
  • Only 34.8% of Alaskans affiliate with a religion. (
  • I do not have statistics regarding, but there is a more noticeable presence of paganism and occult than I have experienced elsewhere.

Please pray for us as we shine the Light into this darkness. We (a small congregation of several families) are in the beginning stages of establishing a church near Kasilof, AK.

Pray for opportunities for us to begin outreach work in our own communities and in the neighboring Native villages.

Please help us pray against the powers of darkness and against selfishness in our own hearts. Alaska is America’s huge playground and it is easy to get distracted.

God bless!

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