Time for a Diversion

I had the amazing opportunity to go on a deer hunt on Kodiak Island this winter. We were given the hunt as a Christmas bonus by the business where I work. My boss also invited along several other men from the local church. We flew to Kodiak then were picked up by lodge employees and ferried on one of their boats to Port Lions, AK. We stayed in a comfortable lodge called Wilderness Beach.

Below is a panorama of the boardwalk that connects the small town of Port Lions.


The scenery was absolutely splendid! I did not take my camera so I had to use my phone to take the pictures.

Another 180 degree panorama from the side of a mountain on which we were hunting.


The first day of hunting did not result in any meat but I was fortunate to shoot a nice 4×4 Sitka Blacktail on the 2nd day. The island also has a large population of fox. I managed to harvest a silver/red cross fox while dragging my deer back to the beach.

Buck in the skiff on its way to the big boat.20171206_163439-1

Unfortunately the lighting was poor and the picture got blurry.


I also had the opportunity to hunt waterfowl and do some fishing. Because I am still considered a nonresident in regards to hunting here in AK I just had 1 deer tag. The remainder of the time that I had on the island was spent with a true Alaskan named Gabe who has a waterfowl guiding business named “Fowl Weather”. We had a great time together and found that much of our theology and views regarding family, technology, etc… were similar. It was a blessing to see how God orchestrates circumstances to bring people together to encourage one another. It turns out that Gabe lives nearby and we intend to continue our friendship.

Some of the waterfowl and fish. The fish are a Rockfish know as Black Sea Bass. They are very good to eat and very enjoyable to catch. These bit so fast that it was like catching bluegills in the farm pond. We had our limits in very little time.


It was truly a privilege that I will never forget to spend those several days getting to know all the men that went along on the hunt and to be immersed in God’s marvelous creation. Being in the vast wilderness makes one feel very small. Yet, God cared for the little birds that I saw flitting through the willows and alders. Amazing!

It was very good to get back to my family and to share the stories of our week apart. Kirk, my nearly 8 year old son, really wanted to go along on the trip so I consoled him with a promise that I will take him hunting when we get back. We went out the other day and he got his very first game, a nice red squirrel. He is still talking about it and it actually brings tears to my eyes to think of how easy it would have been to crush the joys and dreams of my child with my own agenda for the day. It is so simple to go on a little hike, hunt, fishing trip, or some excursion; and, yet, it can make a huge positive impact in a child’s life. Too often I find my time filled up with “other stuff” and I begin to treat my children as if they are in my way. God help us see how damaging that is to a child.

Happy & proud hunter.


A few more photos of the trip.


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