The Arctic Anabaptist exists for one reason – to glorify God and to promote the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It is not to detail what we as a family eat or how we are feeling on a certain day nor is it intended to stir up controversy regarding theology, Mennonite practices etc…

As for introductions to who we are – I (the author) am Paul Weaver. I am married to a wonderful wife Joanne and we have been blessed with six very vibrant children. We are conservative Anabaptist in practice and are followers of Jesus Christ in faith. God has had us on an incredible journey that has led us through many great experiences including some very difficult ones – more on these in the future.

I have had the vision for some time to move out of Pa into an area where there is little influence of Kingdom Christians and be on the frontier of furthering Christ’s Kingdom. I never envisioned that we would ever move as far as Alaska, The Last Frontier, but after a relative made connections and initiated a move; Alaska is now our new temporary home.

We are not actually in the Arctic but most people’s perceptions of Alaska is that the entire state is a gigantic icebox.

I do not know specifically what God has for us in Alaska but we will live according to His Word and be a salt and light as we wait on Him to lead us into a particular ministry. I am leaving behind in PA¬† a preaching ministry but I am hoping that this blog will allow me to continue “preaching” and sharing what God has shown me in His Word.

God’s blessings on you as you surrender your life to Him!